Sushi inn - Japanese Restaurant

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We are happy to announce, we up-graded our beef to WAGYU Quality Beef

even for rolls and Don menu.

It’s texture is very tender.Please try our Wagyu Beef menu.


  • Wagyu Aburi Beef Nigiri – Lightly grilled Wagyu Beef on Sushi Rice
  • Wagyu Beef Tataki Nigiri - Lightly roasted Wagyu Beef on Sushi Rice
  • Teriyaki Wagyu Beef Hand Roll
  • Teriyaki Wagyu Beef Inside Out Roll
  • Aburi Wagyu Beef Salad
  • Wagyu Beef Udon or Soba
  • Teriyaki Wagyu Beef Don – Sliced Teriyaki Wagyu Beef on rice
  • Teriyaki Beef Bento- Bento Box with Sliced Teriyaki Wagyu beef
  • Wagyu Beef Bento Bento Box with Wagyu Beef Steak
  • Wagyu Beef – It’s from main menu. Grilled sliced Wagyu beef on a bed of avocado mash.